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“Buzz off / It Don’t Have to Be Like This” 7" // Reviews

  • The Big Takeover Magazine


    The CANDY SNATCHERS are gone, but P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. are here to take the reigns. This is the same excitement I felt about Rock’n’Roll when I first bought the Snatchers’ “Gold digger” and “Pinto Pony” 7”s 15 years ago. Featuring Kelly Halliburton - drummer of the post *DEAD MOON* PIERCED ARROWS -on bass and original POISON IDEA drummer Dean Johnson, this is a powerful blast of Rock’n’Roll fury that few bands actually achieve.

    The A-side, BUZZ OFF, Pairs the high-energy ruckus of the CANDY SNATCHERS with some MOTORHEAD riffing, vocalist Bradly (no last name given) proving to be as powerful a singer as Larry May. IT DON’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS, on the other side, is along the same lines, though it’s no B-side slouch - it’s just as good as BUZZ OFF and proves that the band have a lot more up their collective sleeves than just one stellar song.

    If, to paraphrase THE JACK SAINTS, Rock’n’Roll saved your life but is now trying to kill you, or if you just simply love the jet-fuel-infused sounds of THE NEW BOMB TURKS, THE HELLACOPTERS, or Ass-Cobra-era TURBONEGRO, not to mention the aforementioned CANDY SNATCHERS, JACK SAINTS and MOTORHEAD, you’re gonna need this 7” right now, this second, chop chop, what are you waiting for?

    PS - I’ve just played this 7” over and over about 20 times while writing this and I’m not sick of it yet. That’s good music.

    -Chuck Foster, The Big Takeover Magazine